Mark Ellis
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Sometimes, it’s the simplest and most innocuous product features that have the biggest impact on the user experience.

The one-handedness of the iPhone 13 mini is a great example. The way the iPad mini’s volume buttons automatically reorientate themselves based on the device orientation is another.

What surprises me the…

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I knew there was something missing.

Then, it hit me; on Sunday, I’d spent a good hour or so adding some particularly important items to the costs section of my cash flow forecast.

Only, those items were no longer there. More frustratingly, I’d only spotted their absence after I’d updated…

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I was rather chuffed when Apple finally introduced lossless audio for virtually every track on Apple Music last year. With so many music streaming services already vying for the attention of audiophiles, it was about time.

But there’s one big problem: you can’t hear the benefits of this new high-resolution…

Mark Ellis

YouTube guy. I review and talk about tech.

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