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Mark Ellis
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I’ve had the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 for nearly two months.

In that time, I’ve attempted to use it as often as possible in order to pitch it against what is, in my mind, its nearest macOS-based rival: the M1 MacBook Air.

I’ve not exactly been shy about my thoughts on the latter. I’ve described it as the best laptop I’ve ever owned — because it is.

That begs the question: how does the Microsoft…

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Last Friday, I preordered the iPhone 13 mini. This was because I have absolutely no interest in the Pro models anymore.

Their lofty price, lack of any meaningful differentiating features, and a design that is nigh-on identical to that of my current iPhone 12 Pro left me wanting more.

Or less, as it turns out.

The other reason I’ve opted for a smaller iPhone is that my usage doesn’t really demand a screen much bigger than the 5.4 inches offered by the mini.

That got me thinking: what apps do I actually use every day on my iPhone?

As it…

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I’d like to issue an apology to Jon Prosser.

Up until last night, this blog post had the working title ‘Have the Apple Leakers Finally Leaked Too Much?’. I was going to have a pop at him and the fact that the leaking industry appears to have become a completely unreliable caricature of itself.

Also, in my coverage of the California Streaming event earlier this week, I wrote:

Those rumours turned out to be completely bogus. Which, incidentally, was a theme running throughout yesterday’s event; are the days of Jon Prosser and his increasingly desperate attempts to deliver a barnstorming…

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I was going to wait until Friday to make my decision, but I couldn’t help myself.

Yesterday, I set up my pre-order for the iPhone 13 mini (nice work with the new pre-order system, by the way, Apple!).

This will be the smallest smartphone I’ve owned and used on a daily basis since the iPhone 5. And I really can’t wait to get my hands on it.

This might sound odd coming from someone who has recently expressed his disappointment with the iPhone’s muted development in recent times. …

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I know, I know. I’ve been a bit grumpy about Apple recently.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, I’m a big fan of their products, ethos, and mystique. Secondly, I love helping people buy the right Apple gear (it’s expensive, after all, and no one wants to encounter buyer’s remorse).

It therefore bothers me when Apple’s approach to product design and development either alienates huge swathes of its audience or is just downright obnoxious.

Yesterday was different. During an event that I felt I was covering just for the sake of it, Apple made three wonderful leaps forward, and they…

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Today, we’ll be presented with the next iPhone and, possibly, the new Apple Watch.

I’m not very excited at all.

This bothers me. Because I used to get really excited about Apple events. There was always a palpable sense of expectation and a feeling that we were about to be treated to yet more revolutionary products.

So, what has changed? Why do I feel like I’m simply covering today’s event because I have to?

Don’t get me wrong — there have been some superb Apple events over the last few years; the Mac event last November that saw the launch…

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I love Keychain. For years, it has been a massive timesaver when it comes to setting and recalling passwords and keeping my credit card details just a click away.

However, I’m acutely aware that it is neither the only nor the best password manager out there. It certainly isn’t the most flexible or feature-packed.

It had been on my mind to expand my horizons a little in this area — particularly as I start to take more comprehensive steps into the world of Windows and, consequently, a cross-platform life.

Then, news of 1Password 8 for the Mac dropped, and the…

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A little while ago, I listed my top five Apple purchases. It was a fun experiment and seemed to encourage others to undertake the same exercise.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I revealed five pieces of Apple tech that have changed my life. That’s not hyperbole, either — they genuinely have.

That exercise was fun, too.

So, why not look at the other end of the spectrum, I thought. Which Apple products are my least favourite?

The list below was by far the most interesting to compile. So, let’s get into it.

1. The Pro Max iPhone

I used to be a big fan…

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To date, my 1Password 8 article has attracted more than 104,000 views on Medium.

It has also somehow amassed over 932 hours of member reading time and earned more on the Medium partner program by itself than I usually earn for 20 or so individual articles each month.

This blog post consists of around 950 words and took me about 40 minutes to write. I wrote it, forgot about it, and moved on with my life.

Then, it exploded.

More importantly, it resulted in an interview with two figureheads at AgileBits (the team behind 1Password), personal interactions with founder Dave…

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Can anyone else not get California Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas out of their head?

The latest Apple event invitation is easily my favourite so far. Featuring what many people have suggested is Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park, California, it also boasts one of the coolest AR experiences I’ve seen.

Try it. Visit on your iPhone or iPad, tap the event invite and place the glowing Apple logo somewhere in front of you. Then, move the camera closer to it, until you pass ‘through’ the logo and into the aforementioned lake scene. Keep going, and the…

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