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Mark Ellis
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“You dont [sic] mess with a render if you are an experienced videographer,” explained one viewer on my three-week M1 Mac mini review.

I could not disagree with this statement more. I’m building a fast-growing YouTube channel and have edited its most successful videos on an M1 Mac mini.

I even edited a couple of them on the base-spec M1 MacBook Air (yes, the one with ‘only’ 8GB of RAM).

Does that make me any less professional simply because I’ve opted to use machines that don’t boast Apple’s ‘Pro’ moniker? …

What are yours?

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I’ve spent an awful lot of money on Apple products.

Some of them have changed my life while others have infuriated me to the point of dearly wishing that I could more easily switch to a different platform.

Being an Apple user is fascinating. We’re accused of being ‘sheep’, and told that we take more interest in design than we do functionality. We’re pointed at, laughed at and told that we waste money on stuff that is beaten, hands-down, by the competition.

This is, largely, bullshit. As I’ve explained numerous times, I use Apple stuff because I like Apple stuff…

Apple doesn’t make it easy, but I’m going to do just that.

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It’s been a funny year for the iPad.

In April, Apple announced a massive 79% increase in iPad revenue for the second fiscal quarter of 2021 which included the best performing March quarter revenue for nearly a decade.

But 2021 was also the year Apple added a proper desktop-class chip to their tablet in the form of the M1.

And did nothing with it.

Despite this, and as I’ve said many times before, I absolutely love the iPad. If you’re going to buy a tablet, it’s literally the only one worth bothering with, and the combination of design, screen and…

And three examples of where I’ve used clickbait personally

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If there’s one type of comment that annoys me more than any other on my YouTube channel, it’s someone accusing me of creating clickbait.

Each week, there’ll be at least one armchair YouTube expert who’ll point out that I’m attempting to trick people into clicking on my videos.

This is as irritatingly lazy as the comments I receive from viewers who label me an ‘Apple sheep’. …

They make me more productive every single day

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As I revealed recently, I’m not much of a tinkerer when it comes to macOS. I have a very specific way of setting up every Mac I own, but I rarely dig much deeper.

Despite this, I like to occasionally sit back and take a look at exactly how I use technology to be more productive.

Like so many things in life, you don’t realise how you’re saving time until you stop and think about it. …

And no, I didn’t attach one to the dog

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If you followed my journey with AirTags back in May, you’ll be aware that I had a troubled start with Apple’s tracking devices.

Due to inexplicably unreliable deliveries from Tim and co (I’m convinced they have something against my postcode), I had to rely on the product hunting abilities of my podcast co-host, Rob, to find an AirTag for launch day. This resulted in me obtaining five AirTags overall, once Apple had found my house a good four weeks later than they had originally promised.

If you’re yet to buy AirTags yourself, trust me — five AirTags is a lot…

I’ve kicked up a right stink. Again.

When I published my video reaction to the Windows 11 preview announcement, I knew it’d invite a few spicy comments.

It took a while for the trolls to arrive, but they did. And just like every other needlessly abrasive, die-hard loyalist tech person, they didn’t listen to a single word I said.

I’ve considered filming a follow-up piece where I explain the narrative that underlines the entire video. …

My review of Big Mail

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Forgive me — I’ve been writing a lot about email recently, but that’s for one very good reason.

Not that long ago, I published my thoughts on Spark. I called it “the best email client”, which is something I still stand by.

As is always the case, several readers agreed with me, and a few others pointed me in the direction of some alternatives. That’s why I love the internet and my audience; I’ve discovered some of my most useful tools because of you lot.

One person who commented on the aforementioned Medium article suggested that I should try out…

I couldn’t run my channel without them

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If you’re about to start a YouTube channel — a word of warning: it’s incredibly easy to overspend on kit.

This is particularly the case if, like me, you love your gear and have a particular affection for, say, cameras and lenses.

If you fall into the same camp and don’t have a huge budget, that means some restraint is required if you’re to put together a YouTube setup that doesn’t cost the earth and from which it takes forever to see any form of return on investment.

I’m going to attempt to prove the value of that restraint by…

More spring cleaning tips for your Mac

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As I revealed recently, I’m not much of a tinkerer when it comes to macOS. I have my favourite little tweaks, but they’re not particularly adventurous.

However, I know what I like, and over the many years I’ve used macOS as my main operating system, I’ve learned how to tweak it perfectly for my various use cases.

Since publishing my video where I revealed exactly how I customise macOS out of the box, I’ve had a few comments asking why I removed certain default apps from the dock.

So, here’s a definitive list of the apps that get immediately culled…

Mark Ellis

YouTube guy. I review and talk about tech.

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