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Mark Ellis
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“You dont [sic] mess with a render if you are an experienced videographer,” explained one viewer on my three-week M1 Mac mini review.

I could not disagree with this statement more. I’m building a fast-growing YouTube channel and have edited its most successful videos on an M1 Mac mini.

I even edited a couple of them on the base-spec M1 MacBook Air (yes, the one with ‘only’ 8GB of RAM).

Does that make me any less professional simply because I’ve opted to use machines that don’t boast Apple’s ‘Pro’ moniker? …

It’s Pro Display XDR compatible, don’t you know…

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I was convinced that this was going to be an iPad-only event.

Now, I’m seriously glad it wasn’t.

Following perhaps the most ludicrously elaborate transition of any Apple event so far (a disguised Tim Cook circling the roof of Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus on foot before diving deep into its bowels to undertake a Mission Impossible-inspired processor swap), we were presented with the new iPad Pro.

During an event that delivered an overdue iMac redesign, the long-rumoured AirTags and, finally, a not-terrible Apple TV remote, the iPad Pro was easily the most boring announcement of the day.

Let me explain why.

The rumours were way off

And why am I in the minority?

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“Why do you use Safari?”

I get that a lot whenever I share my screen on a Zoom call. And the people who ask that question fall into one of two camps.

One is the “Safari is bad for you” camp. The other consists of people who genuinely have no idea what Safari is.

I’ve even been told that by using Safari to manage my finances, I’m as good as offering open invitations for cybercriminals to empty my bank account.

Alas, I’ve been using Safari for at least the last ten years and it has been nothing but a fantastic…

Why iOS beats Android hands-down

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It’s been a month since I decided to ditch my iPhone and Apple Watch in favour of a Google Pixel 4a and Casio G-Shock.

I’ve already written a fair bit about how I’ve ‘coped’ without an Apple Watch during this time. I may offer further thoughts on that particular device in future articles, but suffice to say it will no longer be such a permanent fixture on my arm.

The iPhone is different, though. Deep down, I knew I’d always return to it after this experiment, regardless of how wonderful that little Pixel is.

But I know what you’re interested…

And why my pint needs an AirTag

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Yes, you’re reading yet another “here’s my take on Apple’s Spring Loaded event” blog post.

But I’m going to let you into a little secret: I had to force myself to write this one. And that’s because I’m becoming increasingly disinterested in what might be unveiled next week.

Yup — I’m struggling to get excited about this one, Tim. Sorry.

I’ve got a history of making unfair assumptions about Apple stuff, haven’t I?

So, why the lack of interest this time?

We’ve reached a plateau with Apple tech

The M1 chips launched last year were an absolute triumph. As noted in my recent four-month review of…

Why it ultimately failed for me

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It wasn’t supposed to end this way.

At the top of this page, you can see my 16" MacBook Pro. Well, actually, you can’t — but that’s the point. It’s all packaged up, ready to be shipped to its new owner.

I bought the laptop in 2019. In MacBook ownership terms, that’s barely two weeks ago.

My original plan was to keep the 16" MacBook Pro as my main business machine for at least three years. Possibly a lot longer. …

And why 34 inches isn’t necessarily enough…

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I’ve been worried about my 12.9" iPad Pro.

Ever since the M1 MacBook Air came into my life, the largest version of the iPad has rested on my desk, unused.

That’s a lot of money and tech to be sitting unloved without any meaningful place in my life.

It’s a problem that has been compounded by my purchase of the brilliant iPad Air. As I noted recently, this is the only iPad I can recommend these days. When it comes to sheer bang-for-buck, there’s nothing like it, and, unless you want that huge 12.9" …

Are these rumours really true?

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I’ve been holding off buying a new iPad mini for some time now, and the reason is pretty simple.

It badly needs a redesign.

Earlier this year, I made the switch from a 12.9" iPad Pro to the new iPad Air, and I’ve not looked back since. The latter is pretty much the only iPad I recommend these days, but I have to admit that I bought it out of frustration.

Having used the 12.9" iPad ever since that screen size debuted in 2015, I’ve realised that it’s just a bit too big at times. …

Why did 71 fans remain silent?

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Last week I wrote one of my most popular articles on Medium. And by ‘popular’, I’m simply referring to how much commentary it encouraged from the audience.

To date, it has received 77 comments, and as noted in my follow-up piece, nearly every single one of them disagrees with what I had to say about my desire for the Apple TV to be pulled from the shelves.

But there are two statistics that have bothered me somewhat. According to Medium, my Why Apple Needs to Cancel the Apple TV article also received 387 claps and has 71 fans.

If I…

Do they have a point?

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Maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a word. But that appears to be the underlying feeling whenever I read a comment from someone who clearly has an issue with the new M1 chip.

“Just look at the specs, for godsake,” said one viewer on my YouTube channel recently. “<It’s> incredible how professionals buy the Mac mini and expect them to be their main workstation.”

He went onto suggest that Apple’s M1 Macs were made for “the average user” and that they weren’t built for 4K video editing and “heavy stuff”.

Why, in that case, I asked, was I able to do…

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