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Mark Ellis
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Today, I’m finally leaving the country.

There’s just one problem: I feel like I’ve gone a little overboard in terms of the number of Apple devices I’ve taken with me.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, I haven’t travelled this far (I’m heading from London Heathrow to Montreal) for about…

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Hyperbole? Clickbait?

Arguably, the title of this blog post could be both, but I’ve completely fallen in love with the MagSafe Wallet and I want to talk about it. So, there.

This was a purchase I made on a whim. Having been sent a review unit of a third-party MagSafe…

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I love my Apple Watch, but I’m nowhere near as attached to it as I once was. Literally.

This was neatly demonstrated earlier this year when I swapped my Apple Watch Series 6 for a Casio G-Shock for a month. Since then, I’ve become accustomed to wearing the Apple Watch…

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I’m often asked what surprises me the most about the growth of my YouTube brand.

My answer is always the same: it’s the Mark Ellis Reviews Discord server.

That’s right — it’s not the rapid ascent to 36,000 subscribers in a little over a year, or even the fact that…

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Sometimes, I love being proved wrong.

Up until now, I’ve been convinced that we’re not going to see any new Macs this year. Apple being Apple, I thought that we’d simply have to wait another few months until the next iteration of M[something] devices is unveiled.

Now, I’m not so…

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The iPhone 12 mini was rated at 15 hours of battery life by Apple. Given its size, this wasn’t to be sniffed at, but it soon became the main talking point of virtually every review.

The Verge placed the battery performance of Apple’s new, ultra-compact smartphone firmly in their ‘Bad…

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The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max didn’t captivate me enough to pull the trigger on one of Apple’s most expensive smartphones. The iPhone 13 mini was therefore my self-engineered ‘interesting’ iPhone upgrade.

I’m happy to say that this strategy worked, brilliantly. I’ve not talked as animatedly about an iPhone…

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I rarely drop my phone. But since I’ve had the iPhone 13 mini, I’ve dropped it twice.

Yesterday was the worst episode so far.

Having just finished shooting my weekly newsletter video, I headed to the bathroom for a quick comfort break. To the right of the toilet, there’s a…

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When I started my YouTube channel, I created something called the Diary Series.

The videos were terrible and the content was all over the shop. Seriously — go have a look at them. But they served two really important purposes.

Firstly, they were designed to help me get comfortable being…

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Unlike seemingly everyone else on every single flight ever taken, I’ve never owned a pair of Bose QC35s.

My mum has told me a million times not to exaggerate, but the QC35s really were ridiculously popular among frequent fliers and anyone who valued the best possible noise cancellation.

Then, Sony…

Mark Ellis

YouTube guy. I review and talk about tech.

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